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Do you have a domaining topic you’d like to suggest for a future training session? Let me know in the comments below.



    Gene, will you be going into more detail on how, where and what domains to buy. It would be awesome if we could see you buy a domain with potential live. Im really liking how the site is shaping up Im just wondering when to pull the trigger in terms of buying our first domains or should we hold fur future training. Thanks

  2. Hi Gene,

    Please share multiple video lessons focusing on selecting short keyword domain names, based on PPC within Google, Bing and Yahoo!

    Endless opportunities still continue to be available throughout the world, geo local, international and other areas too…

    From all your domaining experience, I would love if you could share the different methods and formula’s that you use, including with contacting PPC advertisers etc…

    Misc., research, ideas and other tricks of the trade that you have used in perfecting your own system that works best.

    Your template communications and other recommended tools in regards to Master Domaining and Flipping domain names in addition would be Awesome knowledge to share in other video lessons too!

    Your email newsletter tips over the years have Always found me some really nice Profitable winners in regards to domain names!

    Looking forward to comparing notes and Always learning more… 🙂

    Greatly appreciated, once again, along with the quick replies on other comments too…



    I second David’s proposal,

    I wonder if you will do some screen shares, following over the shoulder you actually buying a few domains, and then listing and promoting them, then achieving a sale?

    That would be great to see.



  5. Hi Gene,

    One me the things I find hard is when I do send out a email promoting a domain and do get some response the obvious first question is how much do I want for it and obviously I want the most possible but how do we get the ball rolling and not to scare them off but the same time not to sell for too
    cheap, like if I sell for $50 I think to myself maybe I could have sold for more so at what price base do you start?
    Do you mention a. all a price in the emails??




    Hi Gene,

    I’d love to see a case study that shows the proactive approach of domain flipping… like how to reach out to the potential buyers, the exact email communication you have with them (or at least some templates of what to say to them in the email)… all the way through flipping it!


    Hi Gene,

    I’d love to know where to find good domain names.

  8. Gene,

    I love the idea of approaching small businesses for most of the domains I’ll be marketing. However, will you be covering how to approach the Fortune 500 companies? I have at least one domain where this would make sense.



    Yes, I agree with Perry. I had a domain name I was thinking about offering to a fairly big corporation but didn’t know whom to approach.

    If I manage to get it back, or find myself in a similar situation with a different name, it would be great to know how to handle that.

    Thanks so much.


    What do you think about Protrada (basically a one-shop domain trading platform where you can track all your domains)? Do you use Protrada? I’m wondering how safe is it?


    Is it safe to send your ID and bank account details to SEDO for verification. I ask this cos in my country, Holland, this is very strange and warrned for.

  12. Hi Gene,

    Regarding multi-site management…

    How do you manage multiple wordpress sites, updates, security, email per site etc?

    Do html sites work better?

    Do you use both html and wordpress?


    It would be great to have a mind map showing all the different stages of domain flipping (Search, Evaluate, Buy, List-Promote & Sell), interlinked with the video lessons. In that way, it will be easier for us to follow through and build an action plan based on the training.


    Hi Gene,

    are you still reading this section? Just wondering.

    I’d love to see a detailed step-by-step walk-through for setting up a domain optimally on SEDO. I’m not sure I’m doing it right, and I have trouble finding ways to fix things.

    Thanks so much!

    • Absolutely! This section is very important, and I have a long list of training sessions in the works as a result. Will do some walk-thoughs in the near future.



    If you needed to sell 3 x domains a week at $375 each what is the action
    plan you would take? Be great to hear your advice on this.

    Thanks in advance.



    Just to clarify my post dated Apr 10th – I’d like to turn this into a $50,000 per year
    full time venture. You’ve given so much great info – just wanted your input on how
    you would approach and reach this specific goal?

  17. Are all your domains set up on WordPress?

    If so, how do you administer multiple wp site and security updates?


    Can you give us a blueprint what you would do to get to 2-300. A day in profit in as little time as possible?


    Hi Gene,

    I just stumbled across and noticed that we can buy featured listings on there. Are you aware of similar domaining oriented sites where we can pay to get out domains featured?


    Gene, are there any plans to start a Facebook group?


    Gene, do you plan on covering a way to obtain 1 – 3 word generic domain names (preferably with the .com extension) with as little headache as possible?


    Sorry if this has been covered above but will we be soon covering, in good detail, some specific and persuasive examples of how a particular domain name that we are trying to sell will benefit the potential buyer and some specific arguments and claims that we can use in actual practice in that regard. My biggest issue in the sales aspect thus far is articulating the reasons that the domain will a significant asset to thwir business and precisely how it will be.
    I understand the basics of it all but it takes a little more than that to convince most potential buyers so I guess im looking for some specific examples which i can use to get a better grasp on the arguments im using to show the potential buyer how valuable as asset the domain would be to their business as well as a way to support the price that im asking.
    I get the basics but was hoping to dig deeper such that I can get a better understanding as I think that’s really the only thing holding back my sales thus far.
    Thanks again!


    Todd – agree with what you are saying. It would be really helpful to stress to a prospect the advantages of having that domain.


    Beyond Day 10, no videos exist for training. There’s no chat rooms, no real resources, and no real links to the local domain training sections which is what I thought I was paying for (and which was mentioned in the advertising videos).

    • Hi there. As explained on the offer page, this is a daily training venue. One new training session is added to your account every day. When you sign up, you receive the first 10 training sessions to start. Then you receive a new one every day.

      Everything I know about domain flipping, from 12+ years full time experience will be shared with you, including local domain training.


    This is my third post, and I apologize for the repetition, but when any of the videos on masterdomaining cover what’s covered at Is there a way I can switch memberships?

    • Local Domain Empire is a very specific training course, where Master Domaining is a full training of all aspects of domaining. I’ll be glad to switch you over to that if you prefer.

  26. Hi Gene,

    First, I do understand domain flipping, build-out, lead gen pages, and simply forwarding domain names very well. I’ll try to be short and sweet here. Basically what do you say to prospects to tell them their options on using the new domain name you’re selling, and how much do you tell them about HOW to do it?

    You KNOW you have a killer domain name for someone, they know it, too. They want it. What EXACTLY are you telling them they can do with it, and how (do you provide tech support for a fee to forward domains, build sites, etc?)

    “So then potential buyer, how this domain will help you is that you can:
    1. Change your primary website to this new domain
    2. Forward this domain to your existing website and use the new name for your ads
    3. Build a lead generation page on it

    Is that it?




    Hi Gene,

    Exactly how do I schedule a time for email to be sent from my @yourdomainname email? I know there are ways to do this with Gmail via boomerang, however I have not found a way to do this with a commercial email. I need to know if there is a way to do this as the schedule of my clients and my own may not always align perfectly.


    Hello Gene,

    I like very much the way your training is setup. No fluff and straight to the point.
    At which stage of the daily training sessions do you recommend starting to implement the course and listing domains for sale?

    Thank you and best regards.



    I believe that the most difficult aspect of Domaining is the sales letter email. It is important that we have a great email to help the customer visit the sales page.

    Like many before, I would greatly appreciate looking over your shoulder for a complete acquisition and sales process for a specific domain.


    Hi Gene,

    Great resource of info here on this site, thanks!

    I would love to see what a typical workday workflow for you looks like, in terms of how you organize your activities throughout a typical work day of a emailing prospects, creating campaigns, researching new domains, etc thanks!


    Hi Gene,

    can your whois information be changed at any time?


    Hi Gene.

    Thanks for the terrific material! I’m on lesson 28, and imagine you will get to this in the future, but I was wondering if you regularly use keyword research tools (free and paid).

    Tom D


    Hi Gene,

    I have another topic request – Guidelines about which of the domains we are selling we should host, where we should host them to minimize our costs, and what kind of content we should include on them.

    I’m referring to simple one-page domains that act like parked pages customized with content (including a contact form) for the prospects interested in our domains.

    I understand we would still offer our domains for sale through sites like SEDO, but would not park them with SEDO (and other sites), because we would be using our own home pages.

    But if we have a large number of domains, I’m thinking it might be cost prohibitive to host them all, unless you can suggest a way of keep the cost way below the $3.99/month/domain I see on GoDaddy, for example.

    Tom D


    Hi Gene,

    I would like to see a specific list of all the software and tools that you actually have or are subscribed to and use all the time. That way we know exactly what we should be getting. There are so many things out there, I am getting a bit lost.

    Cathy A


    Maybe this is already covered somewhere but I would like to see a detailed debate between selling for a fixed price as opposed to an auction.



    I’m only have access so far up to day 13 of the course, but I would like to see more about outbound methods of how you look, and find potential buyers, as well as email content, and other approaches.


    Hi Gene, I’m learning a lot, but have a long way to go!

    I would like to see you give step-by-step instructions on how to set up an email address that is tied to my newly purchased domain name (for example, “”.

    And then how to use this new email address with sending / receiving emails to prospective buyers.


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